To remember the Seven Purposes of ISKCON, we have narrowed each purpose to two words which highlight their respective essence. 

By boiling down each purpose to two essential words, we can better understand Srila Prabhupada's great vision for ISKCON. Even when most of these purposes had not yet manifested Srila Prabhupada had such a futuristic vision, he encoded a spiritual blueprint for our Society within these purposes.

Each distilled purpose has been incorporated into the lotus petals of ISKCON's logo for a commemorative sweatshirt to celebrate ISKCON's 50th Anniversary. Click on the link to purchase a sweatshirt customized for 26 Second Avenue.

  1. Spiritual Education
  2. Krishna Consciousness
  3. Loving Relationships
  4. Congregational Chanting
  5. Temple Constructions
  6. Farm Communities
  7. Book Publication + Distribution

The designer, Mother Jaeme of ISKCON Laguna Beach, will donate fifty percent of the profits towards the maintenance fun for 26 Second Avenue.